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The President Should Really See This Site!

Roseb441702 started this conversation

I was just thinking that the President (or at least someone on his staff) should really take a look at this site!  So many people are having such a hard time of it now and it seems as though stimulus money has been given to businesses and not to the people that really need it.  If the President read some of the posts here on this site maybe it would help him to see just how hard people are struggling and how the resources that people are trying to make use of have funds that are dried up!  Maybe it would help the President to see that he should allot more funding to those programs that can help people more - especially those that are in danger of losing their homes - whether it be their apartment or homes.

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 in response to singlesurvivormomma...   

Actually that's really not a bad idea!  The president does have a Myspace page

I really think that he should see and know about the hardships that people are going through - especially those who are about to lose their homes.

Why would he give banks bailouts and not the American people?

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I couldn't agree with you more.  Let's get together and flood the White House with Aidpage links hahahah!! totally kidding, or am I?

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